Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wow I Was Right!

I stated just a few post's ago that the Conservative would reduce their budget targets. Now This time around Jim Flaherty thinks he has a good case. Saying the economy isn't good and the budget is going to suffer. True, but why didn't you know about this decline before. Economics have been talking about a economic instability since even before the recession. Why then put in your election platform a promise to eliminate the deficit in 2014. Now the conservatives say they will balance it by 2015. Now I would understand this if a bad economy came out of nowhere, but why say in October of this year that the economy is strong when it's by are now Flip flopping Minster bad enough to delay deficit targets. Now I think this will be just the first delay in the Conservative budget target. Soon the cost of the Corporate tax cut, Mega prisons and fighter jets will force our minister to tell us that we must move the deficit target yet again.

By the way I thought our minister would take at least one year to move the deficit target, but I guess that will be the next time our minister tells us we will delay our deficit target.

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  1. Not to take wind out of your sails but, not that surprising really. Now, when they get around to blaming the Liberals for a further reduction, that'll be something!


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