Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Quebec Gun registry

If Harper kills the Gun registry then I would fully support a Quebec version of the gun registry. In fact if you calculate it 2 million for all of Canada about a quarter of that if not less would equal $500,000. Which is almost nothing on the provincial budget. The only problem is that our Conservative government will destroy all records to make sure that they make it the hardest possible to try and slow violence. Another problem Quebec will face is guns purchased in Ontario or other provinces. I think Dalton Mcguinty would make a Gun registry for his province, add the NDP premiers of Nova Scotia and Manitoba and probably BC you have practically a nation wide gun registry. With the exception of Saskatchewan and Alberta.  I guess this sort of Primer cooperation  will really put a punch in the Conservatives stomach. But with no old records we have to start the registry from scratch which makes it more expensive, because of start up cost of this program. No help from Harper again! I guess the Harper ideology stays true. Let the provinces deal with it!


  1. Why would gun owners cooperate?

  2. Quebec would have to start over from scratch with or without the federal data.
    Starting with a very expensive comupter/program.

    So even if the feds gave Quebec the data,
    they can't give Quebec the system to compile and use it.


  3. Dalton McGuinty has said he will not install a provincial gun registry. None of the other provinces have said that they will.

  4. Yup ! you sound like Liberal Quebecers alright!

  5. Again, if it`s not a federal law, what would move lawful Canadian gun owners to comply? It's not like Quebec could pass it's own provincial law when federal law makes it legal.
    This is a poorly though out threat.


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