Monday, July 11, 2011

Canada Taking a Stand!

If there is one thing I agree with the Conservative party it would probably be some of there foreign policy decision. Canada will not go to the The Conference on Disarmament, because North Korea is the chair of the conference. That is more than insane! We should boycott that conference till North Korea the only nation in the world that withdrew from the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. That's like Libya on the Human rights council...Wait they were on the Human Rights council, And Saudi Arabia is on that council as well.... Interesting. On the commission's the status of women Iran and Thailand are on that council. Who picks these guys. That answer is the countries in the UN. That means countries like Libya can vote to elect countries that have similar human rights as them to get elected into the council, so that they can continue to what they are doing. Don't think it is just a few bad nations on these council. The Human rights council has more countries that aren't at all democratic than countries that are democratic. I have nothing against the UN, but the UN must restructure we don't want the people who are at the bottom of the barrel pointing at people that are clearly higher than them. That is why maybe it would be a smart move take North Korea the country that has been aiming for nuclear weapons shouldn't be the chair of the department that is suppose to look into countries like North Korea. I never though I would want to quote John Baird, but I give credit where credit is due.

"North Korea's chairmanship undermines the integrity of both the disarmament framework and of the United Nations, and Canada simply will not support that."
This is why we should continue to fight to eliminate other countries that are against the values of the council they are in. I think for many of the councils in the UN we should make a study to find out which countries are the best in practicing the values of that council, and then the top countries get in the council then we can have the people on the top look down at the people on the bottom

"It puts one of the world's worst offenders in the chair. It hurts the crediblity of the United Nations and it's a blow to any meaningful effort at disarmament," said Baird. "I think there's a lot of symbolism here but I think it is important that Canada put forward its voice strongly on this issue."
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  1. If Canada doesn't go, they have no right to say a thing about Disarmaments :p

  2. More evidence that the Liberal party is dead because on so many issues they are the same as the Conservative Party. Praise the end of the Liberal Party!

  3. This is like the time my father became chair of the Human Factors (errors caused by human mistakes) commission to avoid being subject of said commission.

  4. This illustrates why the policy that Ignatieff touted about how the UN can dictate when Canadian forces can be sent into foreign soil was so repugnant.


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