Sunday, July 24, 2011

Problem with Rebuilding

Me like many Liberals are facing an identity crisis. We have no longer became the natural governing party of Canada we are rather seen as another left wing party. In order for us to rebuild we need to attract the votes that we lost which are old Green party voters that latter turned orange. I am not a green party person, but I have always kind of liked Elisabeth May. My support for her has dwindled lately. As I always agreed with her on a Carbon tax, High speed rail , legalizing pot, green jobs and democratic reform. ever since the beginning I knew the greens where very much to the left, and knew the Liberals where of course the party I wanted to win, but I always thought that there left policies would be okay for me as long as the issue's I stated above was still in there platform. In 2008 when Dion made a deal with May to help her get elected in Central Nova I was hoping for May to kick out Peter McKay. in 2011 I felt we could have helped her win SGI. I supported her in SGI not because she was better than the Liberal candidate, but because she was the only person I felt could have won. If you have the leader of the greens running in a riding it will create a split of the left vote. I felt that In order to beat the Conservative Gary Lunn Elisabeth May was the only Viable candidate. Clearly she was since she won the riding. Now if we want to those old Liberal voters who moved to the Green and then the NDP we have to attract them  back, by making it so that we are united with the greens to eliminate Harper. I am no green party person , but the having a more Greens in Parliament is much better than having the Conservatives.How we do this is we help another Green get elected in West Vancouver sunshine coast- sea to sky country. Where we got 22% and 3rd place and the greens got 7% the Conservative got 45%. If the Greens put a high profile candidate in the riding and we eliminate our Liberal candidate, and ask the Liberals in the riding to unite to beat Harper. In return the Greens would take out some of there candidates to make up the loss we lose in West Vancouver. I chose Toronto as it is the place we need to start rebuilding. Pickering Scarborough east (where we lost by 1200 votes and the Greens got 1600) Don Valley east ( where we lost by 2% and the greens got 3%), Don Valley west (Where we lost by 1% the greens got 3%), Etobicoke Center (where we lost by a few dozen votes the Greens got 3%) and of course Etobicoke lakeshore (where we lost by 5% and the greens got 4% we can still make up the difference I think) If we also shift our policies to democratic reform, Carbon tax and legalizing pot all worthwhile ideas that many Liberals support we can help make the case to the green voters that we are helping Greens getting elected, and eliminating Harper. This will also help us rebuild our Toronto base and stop Harper from getting another majority in 5 years.

P.S there are many other riding's that we the Greens can help the Liberals I just used Toronto, because we really need to rebuild our base there.

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