Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cut, Cut, Cut

Stephen Harper would like to cut 4 billion dollars in spending in order to help balance the budget. knowing Harper these cuts of course attacks agencies he is against like Environment Canada that will be getting a 21% cut this year. which is over 220 million dollars in cuts. Now I am all for balancing budget's, And I support cuts, but I think we need shared cuts around the board. The cuts should of course depend on the countries priorities. The Conservative Priorities are represented quite nicely under the current cuts. Cut Statistics Canada, Environment Canada, Natural resources Canada, the Royal Canadian mounted police. It seems that these cuts effect agencies that Harper doesn't like a lot. In fact one of the biggest agencies that are getting the cuts is of course Environment Canada which as I said is getting cut by more than 20%. Most of the cuts are climate change research and scientist. The parts of the budget that is getting more money is of course correctional services which don't need any more money as are crime rates are already low, and are rehabilitation rates are very good. This money is just really going to build more prisons. OOh! I know where Harper can find billions of dollars in cuts and he won't need to cut important agencies like Canada' Research council. He could just cut 10 billion in mega prisons and another 30 billion in jets. We can also put the corporate tax rate at 18% and more than balance the budget, so we can put in policies like national Day Care system, or a National Pharma care system. Or just Maybe make all the family tax cuts promises Harper made to voters during the election. It seems Harper's priorities are already made.

1. Big Corporations
2. Prisons
3. Jets
100. Hard Working Canadians
125. Health care
Last: Environment


  1. Canadians rejected the Liberal platform or did you forget already?

  2. Not exactly Anonymous Canadians voted for one party over another. The election wasn't a referendum on the budget It was an election between the different parties, And anyways the Country if given a choice between Harper and the Liberal party the election would have gone much different.

  3. vanillaman;

    Good lord, you are delusional. Why would you assume it should be a choice between Harper and the Liberals?

    It ultimately became a choice between the Conservatives and the NDP. The divide between Quebec and ROC was quite striking (it usually is). Outside of Quebec it was a landslide for the Conservatives.

    I suspect the Libs will be at least 8 years before they become an attractive alternaive nationally. The comment you made leads me to believe that you are in denial of the mess that the Libs are in.

    You surmise The election would be different if Canadians were forced to choose between "Harper" and the "Liberals".

    1. This is a remarkable insult to Canadians who chose other options esp. the NDP who garnered many more votes than the Libs did.

    2. The premise is unfounded anyways.


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