Saturday, July 02, 2011

Cut Defense!!!!!!!!!

The Defense budget in the U.S is 20% of the U.S budget. That is of course double than what it was in 2001. If the U.S wants to get back to the surplus years of the 1990's then they will have too cut into defense heavily. Except a lot of the defense spending is in the two wars one is almost finished except there is 50,000 troops still left in Iraq, and Afghanistan is slowly going to be stopped. Not much savings so far. This means that the U.S should maybe look at the pentagon which is spending over 500 billion dollars a year. Maybe look into massive cuts into the pentagon. Even though most people would agree the pentagon needs a lot of money, and I agree with that, but if the U.S wants to reduce the deficit than they are going to need to cut important aspects of the budget. And to be truthful the pentagon is spending a much more than before. I am not saying kill the pentagon, but cut it by 80 billion minimum this year alone. The U.S should also cut homeland security, and many other security programs that have billion of dollars in the budget that the U.S can't sustain. Here in Canada we have a defense budget of about 7% , and it doesn't need to grow any more in fact with the mission in Afghanistan ending the defense budget should lower in value of the total budget. We don't need a big army. We don't have any country to fear except maybe North Korea and Iran and they have bigger fish to fry, and nevertheless we do have allies with similar defense spending then us who can join in if needed.Our defense funding is fine where it is now we have the 13th highest defense budget in the world. The U.S is of course way on top of the packed and can afford (or really needs to) cut it's military capacity.

By taking a holistic approach, $80 billion could be slashed from the $553 billion the Pentagon has requested for 2012, the authors say. Expensive projects ill-suited for today's wars -- like missile defense and the V-22 Osprey -- would be cut.

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  1. You know shit.

    Canada's defense budget should triple and there should be MANDATORY reservist service. Alot of you leftists want to be European...well, here goes!

    We are a huge country with very few people, so what is wrong with helping to defend your country and learning a load of life skills in the process?

    Would you feel better about paying for defense if you were a part of it? I know I would.

  2. Anonymous First you can be polite and make a point at the same time

    Second I have nothing wrong with the military we need to have a military,But tripling our defense budget would mean more taxes, or even worse Health care. the military is very important, but we don't need to triple the defense when we can use that money to improve the health care system.

    I am not against the military and I support our troops, and Canadians are always ready to honor our soldiers, but there is no reason to triple the military.


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