Saturday, July 09, 2011

Carbon Tax helps Seniors!

Many people think that a Carbon Tax doesn't help anybody especially struggling seniors. In Australia where a Carbon Tax is being proposed thanks to the Greens in Australia, the Labor party and a few independents. Now Australia will join many other nations that have a carbon tax that will combat climate change. In Australia pensioners will be an extra 200 dollars off every year. This 200 dollar increase is well above the actual money needed to compensate them for the carbon tax. I will agree 200 dollars isn't a lot, but it proves that people can be not effected by a carbon tax. Canada is officially moving backwards, and considering people think that a carbon tax is considered political suicide although might I just say we did better in 2008 with a carbon tax then we did in 2011 without one. A carbon tax is actually very popular in Canada in 2008 over 60% of Canadians like a carbon tax. The only problem is that we split that 60% with the other left wing parties even though they aren't proposing a carbon tax.

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