Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Extremism is Blind to All

just like how Love is blind so is extremism. Love is blind to race and gender, and Extremism is blind to race and religion  The last tragedy that happened in Norway showed us that anyone can be an extremist and do many terrible things. Muslims aren't the only one's who have committed terrible acts. The Norwegian was a christian fundamentalist. We should learn that all religions have terrorist group, and not point the figure at one specific religion and say they are the cause of everything or the most. the vast majority of terrorist attacks are non religious. In the U.S a large part of terrorism is caused by Eco terrorism and animal rights terrorism. left wing terrorism any many circumstances is higher than right wing terrorism. So we can see than no one political ideology has the monopoly on terrorism. There should be no racial profiling, because anyone can be a terrorist. Not just one group. I think if people need to be stopped on an airport they should stop everybody. If there is real danger of an attack then the safest way to stop attacks is to watch out for everyone. If we watch out for a certain group then we allow big gaps in security which leads to other terrorist groups committing the crime. we have to learn from history to never assume that one group is responsible for everything. because there is lot's of blame for terrorism to go around.


  1. Also, if they dont check all at airports then the fundamentalist terrorists of the targeted group will come in the guise of other groups... so the whole security system will fail.

  2. If this guy was a Christian fundamentalist, answer me this simple question: Which church did he attend?


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