Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Republicans are Getting Old part 2 (Part 3 will come soon)

Republican morals have of coursed seem the same at least in the capital. one of the most pointless morals that Republican politicians tend to agree with is that

Drugs are Bad!
Republicans, have always were against Marijuana legalization and are always ready like Stephen Harper to spend billions of dollars putting the people who use marijuana (a substance less addicting then coffee and less harmful then Alcohol) in prison. The Republican Idea of "War on drugs is getting very old"

The Rich create jobs.
We all know since a very long time ago that the Republicans believe that if you give a billionaires 1 million dollars somehow a middle income family will all of a sudden increase. During the Regan years where the rich got there taxes almost cut to 1/3 the size the rich got richer and average income for everyone else increased by about nothing. Reaganomics don't work fiscally as the debt ballooned during his years (the Republicans should think next time they praise his policies), and it didn't work in increasing income for middle and lower income Americans. Trickle down economics don't work yet all the Republicans currently are offering more tax cuts for the rich and almost nothing for the poor.

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