Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Win For Democrats.

In just a few days ago a few ballot measures (Referendums as we call them hear) were voted on. In Ohio they voted to repeal the Republican governors plan for unions. In Mississippi they voted against the anti abortion legislation. These two referendums shows that the swing state of Ohio ain't to keen on to much anti union legislation. In one of the most right wing states in the U.S to vote down a anti Abortion ballot measure then that means even right wing states aren't so keen on the Tea party ideology. This just proves that number one there is no way Tea party radicals like Ron Paul and Michele Bachman will win swing states like Ohio. It also proves that some radical ideas like Abortion believes of many of the Republican candidates won't prop more support from the Republicans in the right wing states. True that many Republicans will probably settle for whoever the Republican nominee is then vote for Obama, but when the Independents have to make up their mines a radical tea party nominee isn't going to get their shoes running to the polling stations.

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