Friday, September 09, 2011

PC over Promising.

In PEI the PC's in the province who are losing terribly in the polls are trying to gain support promising something that PEI can't afford. The Pc leader Olive Crane said if elected she would reduce the P.S.T in the province from 10% to 9%.

"For a one percentage change, it means there is $20 million available to invest in Islanders. And, as you know … Islanders can make good choices with their dollars," said Crane.
And although reducing the P.S.T in the province would help the economy no doubt I think she neglects to mention that P.E.I has a deficit of 42 million. The Liberals in the province are trying to reduce the deficit and eliminate it under there projection by 2013. It seems yet again that the Liberals are the fiscally responsible one's and the Tories wants to continue to use money they don't have.

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