Thursday, September 01, 2011

Liberal-Green Merger

"I think if there's a merger we should be possibly looking at the Green Party. On the environment we have a lot of similarities."

 This statements was done by former MP Marlene Jennings. The Green Party is a party more to the left of the political spectrum. While the Liberals are very much closer to the middle, but the Liberals and the Green both share many important issue's in common or have been in common in the past. The most important of which is are past support of a Carbon tax. The Green party although having out reaching beliefs on all issue's have always kept the same one important issue always at the front. The environment. If we Liberals go back and move to our green shift we can show that a coalition will help the green parties goal, and if we finally create democratic reform not only to the senate, but the house as well we can reach out to the green party. I am not saying we should become the Green party, but the Green party and us both agree on many issue's. Even though sometimes we may have different policies on those issue's our parties are very much similar. While a merger with a more left leaning NDP is widely different from a merger with the Greens. The NDP first of all aren't at all interested, are very ideologically different than us and second of all are way too big and would require a major change to our polices especially now considering there caucus is bigger than ours on Parliament hill, and would force the more center/ center right part of our party to move to the Conservative party. While merging with the Greens wouldn't require too much of a change we already have had great relationships with them, because of our support of the carbon tax in the past, and we could still brand ourselves in the center with Dion we were still in the center, but the NDP is understood as much more to the left .If we can make the case to the Greens that we can help their main issue's get to the front and still be in the middle of the political spectrum then we would both accomplish are goals in a merger. The only problem I would have is if the Green Party wants us to become way to much towards the left then we would no longer be in the center. A coalition with the Greens would benefit both side's and would help stop the splitting of the vote. For these reasons we should defiently consider a merger with the Greens.


  1. How are the Greens socially and fiscally?

  2. The Greens are a left leaning party, but remember the Many people in the Green party came from former Liberals in 2004 and on-words. These people are sometimes very centrist, but vote for the Green party because of it's environmental views. so socially the Greens are more to the left fiscally they are still more to the left, but Liberals and Greens share many polices on both fiscal issue's and socially because many Green party people come from the Liberal party. A merger with the Greens can work we don't need to alter all our polices, but just those that make the Green parties major issue become at the front of the agenda.


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