Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Libby Davies Would be Bad For the NDP Part (1)

Libby Davies would be the worst new leader for the NDP for many reasons.

Reason #1:
Libby Davies is much more father to the left than Jack Layton. In fact it's hard to find someone who isn't more left then any one else in the NDP. With this we in the Liberal party can say that they are the tax and spend lefties, we are the fiscally responsible party. We can make the point that the NDP isn't in the middle, and even far to the left, and I would be sure the Conservative party would help us make that point. 

Reason #2:
She is from the city. The NDP have been  trying for years to grab votes from prairie provinces. With Libby Davies coming from urban Vancouver someone who voted against the gun registry and supports a lot for cities. Not that she doesn't care for farmers, but it may be hard to sell to prairie provinces a leader who seeems to care more about cities. Even Jack Layton hasn't been able to get a seat in Saskatchewan for years, and the seat in Alberta was an Urban seat. The Only Rural prairie seat was in Manitoba and that was only NDP since 2008. So any Urban NDP candidate will have a tough time bringing the prairie's back to the NDP

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