Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Jewish Vote!

Jews have at least traditionally voted liberal or left leaning when it comes to politics at least in N.A. In Canada they tend to vote Liberal or NDP more than Conservative. But now the Jewish vote has been moving to the right. Although Liberals and Conservatives strongly support Israel which has been seen as the biggest issue for many Jewish communities. Harper has made the case he is the only one who support's Israel. Even though this has no basis the Liberals have also supported Israel, by making sure that terrorist organization like Hezbollah didn't get any money from Canada, but Harper has been good at getting the Jewish votes for the past few years. 

and now in Montreal the ridings with a lot of Jewish votes gave Harper a chance to get a seat on the island. In Mont Royal where the biggest religion is Jewish and considered one of the most Liberal riding's for years gave the Liberals 41% And the Conservatives got 36% in of the vote (in 2011) compared to winning this riding by at lest 9% to as high as 80% for the past 70 years over the next contender . This was the closest the Conservatives have ever gotten into winning this riding since 1958 when Diefenbaker got 54% of the vote nationally and still lost this riding by 1%. In other more Jewish populated ridings Thorn-hill they helped Harper crack Toronto by voting for him in 2008 and especially in 2011. In the U.S Obama got major support from the Jews in 2008, but with Obama being considered to hard on Israel will the Jews go to the Republicans? Well ever since exit polls were taken Jews have voted with the Democrat (even in 1980 they voted for Carter over Reagan), but Antony Wiener's old district that has a lot of Jews helped him won in 2010 with 60% just went to the Republicans by 53%-47% last week. Now we won't know for sure in the U.S whether this shift is real until the exit polls of 2012 come out.


  1. Harper's tactics and strategies in getting the Jewish vote seems to be working. However, I think that the Jewish advantage will only work for about another 15 years as other ethnic and religious groups get better organized politically.

    Based on a polling map that I saw, the Jewish community east of the Allen Expressway in Toronto and along Bathurst Street voted Conservative. The Italian-Canadian community just to the west of the Allen voted mainly Liberal (or at least a plurality did in both ethnic groups).

  2. I should clarified that based on the poll maps, a plurality of Jewish Canadians in Toronto voted Conservative; a plurality of Italian-Canadians voted Liberal.

  3. A good map site for polls:


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