Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quebec Desreves Everything?

The NDP Brian Topp a man who is running to lead the NDP is proposing that the province of Quebec be given 25% of the seats of the house of commons no matter what happens. Not even considering of course that Quebec today doesn't even deserve 25% of the seats. I don't know if he knows about this, but there is something called "rep by pop" the Liberal party pretty much created it in this country. Even though some prairie provinces and Atlantic provinces including Quebec got some extra seats they got it, because of the laws that were created to make sure they get representation and not be overflowed by the bigger provinces.these sort of laws over represent some parts of the country over the other I think we should move to make our house of commons truly rep by pop by giving more seats to the provinces that are growing much quicker versus the rest of the country. It's to hard to take away seats, but giving Quebec 25% of the seats when it currently represents less than that, and is growing much slower than the rest of the country is just insane. My province doesn't even deserve the seats in currently has. Our commons should be trying to move into the direction of making it truly "rep by pop." This policy is a desperate attempt by Brain Topp. There is no justification for giving Quebec more seats.

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