Friday, September 02, 2011

No to NDP/Liberal Merger!

CAW head ken Lewenza is advocating for the Liberal party to have a coalition with the NDP. The fact of the matter is that the Liberals don't need a merger with the NDP. The NDP come from a completely left-ward mind set. While we Liberals are very much more centrist. A merger with the NDP would mean or centerist idea's would be heavily diluted by the NDP. It be like a radical takeover of our party. like the merger that happened between the Conservatives and PC's. The only merger the Liberal party should look at is the Green party, because even though it is to the left of politics so to speak it's members are very much to the center of the political spectrum looking for a party that supports the environment. Remember ever since 2004 many Greens were former loyal Liberals. The Greens is the only one where a merger should even be considered. The NDP are completely different ideologically and never originated from the Liberals.

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  1. Wow, this is even more incoherent than most of your posts. Putting aside the rather bizarre and daunting array of grammatical mistakes in the post, you really don't seem to have any clear idea of Green Party policies. If you think that Liberals could come anywhere close to the Greens in a merger you are profoundly confused. Go back and look at some of the social policies of the Green Party, many of which are considerably more radical than the NDP. Though the NDP are widely misunderstood, the Green Party is easily the most misunderstood party in this country. It is a strange amalgamation of left and right policies. However, regardless of the Party's stand on, for example, economic issues, many of its social policies would be far more repugnant to most Liberals than the NDP. I am afraid to say you may be a happy wanderer but you really wandered off track here.

  2. Kirby Cairo
    the Greens are very radical when it comes to there policies, but there supporters are very much to the center. The real reason many people vote for them is because of the issue of the environment. In a Green Liberal merger the Liberals will give the Green supporters what they really want a party that supports's a carbon tax and has the environment as one of there top priorities. The Liberals wouldn't need to change our policies drastically in this merger, because it is really only a few issue's that we have to change, and these changes have been done before. (Green Shift) Many Green party people came from the Liberal party. These people don't really share the views of the green party on many issue's it's the environment that they care about.

    and on a side note I am sorry about the spelling mistakes.

  3. As a former Liberal and now Green supporter, the two parties are closer than you think (not sure what you consider "radical" - if you look at the platform, it's really quite pragmatic.) Why did I leave? The Liberals have lost all sense of principle (see Green Shift - for it, until it interfered with electoral success, and then dumped unceremoniously one election later.) I'd respect the Liberals more if they operated on some sense of purpose. Vacillation to the mushy middle is not purpose. It's government by focus group.


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