Sunday, September 04, 2011

Provincial Elctions

Three provincial election will be held in October, and all of them after each other. The first election is on October 3rd in PEI, and right now unless something drastic happens it seems like the Liberals will win one more majority government in the province, and may even completely sweep out opposition in the province. After October 3rd the next day Liberals will be watching an election that we right now aren't major contenders.  Manitoba! While we are the underdogs in Manitoba right now we are poised to make some gains in the province. Then will come the big test for Liberals in Ontario October 6th. this election is looking like it's going to be exciting a projection shows Hudack is right now holds a small lead that would only give him a slim majority. In fact the Liberals highest seat rage is one seat below majority! In October the Liberals can push out a win that shows that we are still here! As for me I will be trying my best to make some predictions later on in the campaign. One things for sure September is going to be a good month for political junkies.

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