Friday, February 26, 2010

Another decade of injustice gerrymandering

with the new U.S census coming. Those curvy zing zacky districts of the U.S.A are staying. Although many efforts have been tried to overthrow gerrymandering the bills have not been led into law. Gerrymandering is a technique that is used every 10 years when the districts of the U.S.A are changed because the new census shows which state has too much population for how many districts it has. Gerrymandering is when the party in power uses the knowledge of where there party is too know what district to change its shape so they can win easier. So for example if there was a state that has 4 districts and in total the state is in 50/50 democrats and republican, and they use the knowledge of where the repuvlican and democrats live so they can for example make one district have most of the Republicans in it so it is a safe republican district., and have the other three districts have all the democrats in it , so they get 3 dems and only 1 rep in a state that should give 2 dems and 2 rep

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