Friday, February 12, 2010

More snow: global warming

Senator DeMint said, "It'll snow in DC until Al Gore cries uncle." I, of course do not agree with this. Senator DeMint should realize that a record amount of snow has fallen in the DC area, and other records such as the first snowfall in Florida in 30 years. Now, I would like to make one thing claer that global warming does warm up the planet, but it can cause extremes of both hot and cold. That means that these records could have been made by global warming, and we will continue to see this unpredictable weather for years to come So I believe that if we reduce our emissions we will save our planet for the future. Because it turns out that hotter air can hold more moisture, thus creating MORE snow, not less. As pointed out by meteorologist Jeff Masters at Weather Underground, "Record-breaking snowstorms are not an indication that global warming is not occurring. In fact, we can expect there may be more heavy snowstorms in regions where it is cold enough to snow, due to the extra moisture global warming has added to the atmosphere--an extra 4% since 1970."


  1. Vancouver could do with that snow. Cyprus mountain doesn't have enough snow, so they are trucking it in and using helicopters. That is going to create lots of emissions which contribute to global warming. I wouldn't mind seeing that snowfall on our ski hills. A lot of our snow has melted.

  2. You libs have a pat answer for everything. Global warming is a crock...face it! You've been duped by the big Gore machine.

  3. People, it's not just this snow's the arctic blast before it in early January; the extreme snow fall in December; the extremely cold and early start of the 2009 winter in the west (snow in August!), the record low summer of 2009; the extreme winter of 2008/2009. Further, it's the extremely cold and dangerous, life threatening winter the ENTIRE Northern Hemispher is going through RIGHT NOW! People are dying because of the cold, lack of food, being snowed in, etc. The hockey stick graph and disastrous predictions didn't say people were going to perrish because of the COLD!!!

    Now think of this: for the last 10 to 15 years, people have been trying to come up with a way to COOL the planet! Yeah - with things like cloud ships in the Pacific ocean. Now imagine if we were successful in cooling the planet somehow. Where would we be now?!?

    It's time to get a reality check. The planet and climate is going to do what ever it wants whether we're here or not. Start preparing for colder weather ahead...


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