Sunday, February 21, 2010

Better Taxis

This spring, Montreal taxis will be one. Every taxi will have to be painted the same colour (in six years) and have the same taxi light mounted on top. That means no more of the assorted taxi companies' lights I've seen on the top. From now on, the light mounted on the roof will read Montreal taxis. They will also be able to put advertisements on the roof. However, the taxi drivers will have to adopt some environmental measures. This is great. Being painted the same colour, taxis will be easier to identify and call to be picked up. Incentives for hybrid vehicles will improve the environment while lessening the driver's gas bill. This is a great move by our government for all.

The universal taxi light

In return for being allowed to reap advertising revenues from the rooftop panels, taxi drivers will have to abide by a number of environmentally friendly measures, such as installing an in-car heater so they can keep the cars warm in winter without idling their engines. (Taxis are exempted during cold months from a city bylaw that forbids idling for more than three minutes). 
A greenhouse gas emission reduction program will be implemented over the next four years that will encourage taxi companies to convert to hybrid vehicles. 
A design contest will be launched by the city to create a uniform taxi stand design.
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  1. Exactly how is having Quebec's inefficient bureaucracy impose these measure actually good?


  2. I don't agree that taxis should be uniform in colour and in "look". Most of the taxis are privately owned and should not be forced to have be of the same colour. What if they decide that it should be yellow or pink? Who wants to drive around with such colours? Taxis are be easily identified already. More should be spent on driver protection.

  3. I like different taxi colors. So colorful.


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