Monday, February 22, 2010

Scam, wonderful scam

Even though Parliament has been prorogued, the bill to kill the long-gun registry was not sent to the junkyard. the Conservatives are happy to point that out as they think that this registry is a waste of money. However, the Toronto Star's investigative team was able to obtain some very, very interesting documents.
The release of an annual firearms report last fall was delayed by testy officials in the public safety minister's office who demanded to know, among other things, details about an employee "celebration" of the program's 10th anniversary.
The release of a report was delayed because the government wanted to know about a party. It's not like they were going to be invited to a private party celebrating a gun registry.
Emails obtained by the Star show then-public safety minister Peter Van Loan's office sat on the report for weeks until after a contentious parliamentary vote that saw 12 NDP and eight Liberal MPs succumb to political pressure and support ending the long-gun registry.
Afterwards, Van Loan told reporters he had the report in hand for "several days." He went on to accuse firearms staff of inflating numbers in the report to justify the existence of the gun registry.
Okay, our minister has lied to all Canadians about having the document in hand but was it because of disorganization, or spam?
But it was held until Nov. 6 while Van Loan's staff pored over the statistics within and tried to parse data that showed the firearms registry's use and popularity is on the rise.
There it is. The Tories were trying to figure out a way or a loophole in the facts that the registry is useful. So that's two time trying to hide the truth from us. What's next?

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