Thursday, February 04, 2010

Vacations cancelled

Stephen Harper has decided to cancel two spring breaks of Parliament. He says that there is "lots of work to do." That's a bit rich from the guy who decided to prorogue Parliament until March. If there's a lot of work to do, then Harper should cancel the prorogation and get back to work now. Instead, he's seen his numbers in the polls and is trying to regain favor with us by cancelling some breaks. That might be good in the economic crisis we're in, but the opposition has been hard at work since January. After all that, don't they deserve a break? Well, the Conservatives haven't been hard at work and one of them actually took a vacation and traveled during the prorogation. If Harper wants to try to regain favor, let him. But it won't help him at all.


  1. Actually, don't jump to conclusions on that one not working just yet.

    Remember how Stevie's numbers remained on top: divisiveness; his little games of divide and conquer. The reason his numbers went down was because the opposition parties were united; there was unification at those rallies.

    I posted about this today on my blog. I could give you the reasons again, but I would do what I have a tendency of doing: taking up alot of space on comments.

    So, I'll just give you the link so you can read why we should be concerned, even wary and nervous

    It's at

  2. I could sure use a vacation.


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