Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger: right words wrong person.

As all of you probably know that Tiger has had an affair, and you all probably know that Tiger has apologized to his family at a private conference with his family. The media was there to tape the apology. I do not know why he wants the world to know how sorry he is because last time I checked he did not cheat on me. Many people may think that he has to apologize because he is a role model to children, and I agree that he has to just apologized for that, but he should not air it on national television on how sorry he is to his family. The only person he really needs to say sorry to is his family, and we as drama seekers should leave him alone, because what if  our family has it's own problems would we want to be investigated by people that of which have no business doing. I say let leave him alone, and i think we should use him as a example on how no matter how famous you may be you can not just do whatever you want.

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