Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What to do with nuclear waste?

Obama allowed gave the permission for building plans to make more nuclear plants. Now the problem is that with more nuclear plants there will of course be more nuclear waste. the system that is used now is that take out the waste,and put into a pool of water, or above ground in canisters. Now the poblem is that this will not resolve the problem, because what will we do later with the radio active waste. We can not just leave it their because eventualy we will need to expand the places to put the waste, and when some power plant that are do to leave they will have no place to put the waste. I do not like the Idea of using more nuclear power to create energy, because of it's harshe effects on people, the environment and that we will have no place to place the waste after, but we still do need energy so Nuclear is okay, but we should not keep building more of them.
Currently, 70,000 tons of radioactive waste are stored at more than 100 nuclear sites around the country, and 2,000 tons are added every year.
But both supporters and opponents of nuclear power largely agree that storing the material in casks at nuclear plants is no long-term solution.


  1. Look into how France does it, they recycle their nuclear waste.

  2. For starters, if we build more Candu reactors we could reprocess it:

    or we could encourage the use of Thorium:

  3. It's true that France recycles their nuclear waste. It's a very effective process, however, they only use about 35% of the potential energy. With more nuclear infrastructure, we could use up to 99% of the energy. In the US, nuclear power plants only use 10% of the potential.

  4. true but nuclear energy pollutes a lot and it is not a renewable energy so more of these buildings and jobs that are created making these jobs will go away and if we use nuclear as a big amount of are energy use although a other energy would just be a band aid solution cause we do need more renewable energy and eco friendly energy


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