Monday, February 01, 2010

New Poll

The new Harris-Decima poll shows that the Liberals are tied. This is the third poll which states the Liberal revival in popularity. Good news for us. The just reaffirms the truth that Canadians believe in democracy. What Stephen Harper did was wrong and we know it. I'm proud of Canada for speaking out against Harper. One thing is sure though, the Liberals and the Conservatives are almost tied and if Stephen Harper decides to go for his majority in April, he's dead meat.


  1. you are saying as if what Harper did was undemocratic although many people may think that it is not undemocratic because it is still allowed now whether you or me think he should not have this power is a different story

  2. These numbers only are useful to watch the trend, they are useless if anyone calls an election. As we have seen three times before, the public will savage any party that tries to send them to the polls 'early'. So even if the Liberals pulled ahead slightly they still wouldn't be able to translate the poll into votes.

    You won't see ANY elections before the fall at the earliest, unless there is some big issue that comes up. It's just way too much of a risk for ANY party right now. The electorate is just too pissed to be predictable.

  3. VanillaBean Cuisinart1 February 2010 at 20:45

    Vanillaman: just because harper used a legal tactic doesn't mean that he is acting in the spirit of promoting democracy and debate.

  4. Some politicians are vegetarian and don't like dead meat. Long live vegetables!

  5. VanillaBean Cuisinart i know he is clearly not promoting democracy and debate i know he prorogued Parliament but i do think it is important to notice what he did was legal and i think now we should notice how are PM has to much power in the sense that he can just prorogue Parliament at his will


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