Saturday, February 06, 2010

Obama making intitatives on enviroment

Obama is saying he wants to switch to cleaner and renewable resources. He said that investing in clean energy is the good thing to do for our economy. Which I agree that Green jobs is a resource and that many countries are not taking an advantage of. He stated that moving to biofuels will help them get there energy independence. I think now that i find this not the case because the amount of petrol to make ethol is 1.5 gallons just to make 1 gallon of ethol. Ethol which is made of Biomass (organic matter such as wood, animal waste) , seems to be cleaner but realy the amount of petrol to move the corn and prosses actualy waste more petrol than just using plain petrol for a car. Obama said he will also look into other sources one of which is nuclear now although nuclear does create a lot of energy, it is radioactive. Now even if you do not believe in climate change like I do and do not think that changing to renewable is necessary, but you could agree that oil will not last forever and when it is gone in 40 years our economy will be in one of the worst shape of it's life. All the oil companies will be completely destroyed and only the countries who find a way to live the most without oil will be able to survive the best.


  1. VanillaHulkMilkshake6 February 2010 at 15:36

    Radioactive? Look what happened to the Incredible Hulk after being exposed to radioactivity. Imagine if we all turned into incredible Hulks, or even worse!

  2. The energy of prayer lasts forever and ever.

    My car runs on high-octane prayer.

  3. 1)Biofuels = foodstuffs diverted = increased food prices = starving 3rd world people. Remember the dying days of the Bush presidency?

    2)I don't think oil will run out in 40 years. Huge new reserves are being discovered all the time. Our ability to tap previously unreachable deposits greatly increases our supply into the trillions of barrels.

    3)Nuclear is a good option, expensive to get up and running, but cheap, reliable and clean. The newest reactors are safer than gas plants and way safer than the aging Canadian reactors.

    I like the idea of investment in improving energy techs. Improving them is really the only way to make any of them viable. Wind is too unreliable as is and Solar way too expensive, though the prices are getting better. What I'd really like to see is funding for nuclear fusion re-instated.

  4. Biofuels do consume food. They do NOT reduce our dependence on foreign oil and Biofuels are less efficient than regular petroleum. Check the Biohunger post

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