Monday, February 08, 2010

Fares Raised

The STM has just decided to raise rates for a CAM on the south shore. Those people will now have to pay $110 per month instead of $70 per month which they used to pay. This decision will only affect 3000 people. Horrible idea. We should be trying to encourage people to use public transit. Price increases will stop users from switching. This all started when Laval complained about their higher rates than Longueil. Instead of raising prices for everyone, the STM should have lowered prices for everyone. This would create a sustainable society while protecting the environment.


  1. true i do think maybe they should lower their rates but with this rough economy they could go bankrupt but i think in the long run they will be losing more money

  2. DietVanillaBeans9 February 2010 at 09:48

    Urban sprawl and low-density housing in the suburbs demands expensive infrastructure investments, pulls away green space and agricultural land, and erodes the tax base in the central city. If transit costs are kept too low in the outlying neighbourhoods, more sprawl is encouraged. Transit fare increases for people off island combined with bridge tolls, and higher gasoline taxes would encourage denser urban centres and make public transit easier to organize. Public transit never works in the suburbs because houses are way too spread out to support bus routes that people are willing to use.


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