Thursday, February 11, 2010

Canada's Image in Pieces, again

The BBC has conducted a world poll on our reputation. Unsurprisingly, our international reputation is crumbling. Only in four countries did their citizens say that their opinion of Canada has gone up. Apparently, the main reason why their opinion of Canada has gone down is because of environmental issues. It's not only Canadians that know that Stephen Harper is weak on the environment. The whole world knows it.
If Canada wants to improve its influence abroad, Johnson said, it will have to "show a real willingness to move ahead on a variety of actions [relating to climate change] without dithering and waiting for the U.S."
Great. That's exactly what we should do. We should adopt real targets and not just be the copycat on America's policies.  If the US isn't going to move ahead fast enough, that doesn't mean we should wait. Instead, we should be better than they are. Failure on the environment will ultimately ruin us.

Fun fact: according to the poll, more Filipinos think that Canada is a good influence than Canadians.


  1. We did have real targets but they were ignored by the previous government.Chretien wanted tougher targets than the Americans. The results were a failure.

    The opinions in climate change science is slowly changing world wide. It would be foolish to make hard targets just to have the Chinese like us.Your statement that our reputation is crumbling is pure nonsense.It is down a bit but still solid.Besides,this survey should be taken with a grain of salt.It proves very little.

  2. Couldn't be something as lame as the seal hunting industry, could it? I heard they were pretty worked up over that

  3. I think we need to do more on the environment and this is a reason more than just global warming but how our environmental policy's are not popular and seems not to be helping us on the world stage and i find insulting more Philippines think that Canada is a good influence than Canadians.

  4. VanillaBeanDietColaCherryPepsiCoke7Up12 February 2010 at 09:32

    How many of these people that were polled would even know where Canada is on the map? Not many!

  5. I think it's a good thing that more Canadians think that Canada isn't a good influence vs Filipinos. It shows that Stephen Harper isn't going in the right direction and that we want change.


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