Sunday, August 07, 2011

BC Votes On HST!

The year old tax is now being subjected to a vote. Even though Stephen Harper help get some provinces on with the tax I fully support the HST. It helps companies as it eliminates the possibility of a product being taxed multiple times before being taxed one more time when bought, because now many products won't be taxed as much when the product goes down the construction line all companies will save money. This Money will help the companies be more competitive, hire more people and reduce prices! Simplifying the tax system is a good thing. According to a recent report BC will actually create over 100,000 jobs in the next ten years and BC will make over 590,000 Jobs over the next ten years. The HST will help Canada, and if BC votes against the HST which seems very likely the BC primer Christy Clark should do what is in the best interest of Canadians which is to keep the HST which will only help her province. I hope to see the results next week. I am not expecting the HST to be voted to be keept, but if it get's more than 30-35% I would be surprised considering the HST was not at all popular just 1 year ago.

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