Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Liberals are UP!

A new poll shows that the Conservatives are at 36.2, The Liberals at 27.0% and the NDP at 26.8%. We are now just over a month past the last election the NDP and the Liberals are now in a tie. And the Conservatives are now at their minority levels. Not that this matters for an election, but it's good to see our poll numbers be above the teens. We went up in every province in the country. In the Atlantic we are now just 5% behind the conservatives, but comfortably ahead  the NDP with a 12 point lead. In Quebec the NDP are still in the lead with 34%, but have declined 8% since their election day results. The Bloc are below their election lows, but have risen to 17%, but below the Conservatives and Liberals at low twenties. The NDP honeymoon in Quebec has declined, but  it isn't over yet. In Ontario we are about 7% higher than the NDP with 32%. That's great considering on election night we lost 2nd place to the NDP by just 0.3%. Harper's Conservatives are down from their election highs of 44% to now 38%. In the Prairies provinces we got 10% on election night, and now we are higher than the NDP slightly with 22% versus 20%. The Conservatives dropped over double digits to now 50% still dominating the prairies provinces. In BC we went from our 20% gap between the us and NDP to our now 5% gap. Which considering the margin of error can be considered a tie. We aren't winning yet and we still have 4 years to go, but it's nice to see our party doing better than we were doing last month. 

In June, the Liberals were at 22.3 per cent support nationally but have seen their support increase in every region of the country over the past month.
The pollster notes Liberal numbers always improve when they don’t have a permanent leader. For example, their numbers increased when Paul Martin announced his departure and again when Stephane Dion resigned.
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  1. There will be no election for more than 4 years. Who cares?

  2. it's important to know the trends at all point sin the year, but yes this really doesn't matter until 2015,but I still say it's important.

  3. http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/1037151--ndp-support-holds-firm-despite-leadership-woes


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