Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Our Crubbling Infastructure!

Our Montreal mayor is right we need more money into Infrastructure I quite frankly am happy to see that the Montreal mayor has taken an unpopular stance on increasing fees in order to help Montreal infrastructure. Montreal needs infrastructure help. The Federal Government should help, by increasing the Gas tax. Even if this will be a tax on motorist over 80% of the Montreal population are worried about the infrastructure in Quebec. I think paying more for the oil to drive a car  more safely in Montreal sounds like a good deal!

"When you look at citizens' comments, when you read the newspapers, citizens are feeling insecure — they're worried," Tremblay said.
Fixing this problem will take time considering economist predict that the cost of fixing all of the Infrastructure in the city will cost 120 billion, but we need to start (stop) now putting little band aids on the issue (that) will only make it cost more in the future. We need to start helping our infrastructure not only in Montreal, but also in Toronto, Vancouver and other major cities that need help now!

"When I talk to my colleagues in other big Canadian cities it's the same issue — we have a $120-billion hole...

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  1. No help will come from the Feds, because Harper and Co. HATE cities and will do their best to crush us. And we are dumb enough to elect the likes of Ford. Hopeless. Case closed.

  2. Do remember that property taxes increase at a rate of 1% a year, that the construction industry is thick with corruption, that the provincial government hates cities even more (try biking in Montreal and then out of the cities: the outlying steets are in mush better repair), and that it is the provincial government's things that are collapsing more than the federal ones. But yes, it is all Harper's fault.


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