Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pawlenty Out, Perry In!

After Pawlenty's bad showing in the Iowa straw poll Pawlenty is now out of the race for the White house. Tim Pawlenty who was said to have spend an enormous amount of money and time in the state was disappointed with the poor third place showing in Iowa. This isn't the first time a candidate left, because of a poor showing in the straw poll. Fred Thomson who was doing very good by most polls at one point in the 2008 Republican primary had a bad showing in a Straw poll and quite the race.

Now where do his voters go. In Iowa the most recent poll gives Pawlenty 5th place with 11%, and considering all the other candidates ahead of Pawlenty are at most 10% behind the leader these votes can really help. Bachman I suspect will grab a lot of these votes and Perry will probably grab some the rest.

In New Hampshire. Pawlenty is way down the pack and Romney looks like he is king maker in that state, so unless something happens Romney has not much to worry about.

In Nevada Tim Pawlenty is at 1% no one should worry, and in South Carolina he has just 4%, and in this Poll Palin is included, and Perry isn't. I think IN south Carolina Perry might want to hit those socially conservatives people to try and beat Romney their.

The only other state Pawlenty voters make a big deal is his own home state which I am declaring that at this point will be all Bachman's.

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