Monday, August 22, 2011

"Royal" Military made the New York Times!

Harper has added "royal" to both the sea forces and the air force of the Canadian Forces. There is absolutely no point in changing the name. It's a waste of money and not many Canadians really care about it.

But, in the end, it's a name change and I do not really care what our military is named. As long as it exists and protects us, I'm happy. It's the money that I care about. Stephen Harper won his majority caring about the economy and Canadians trusted him to keep financial stability as we move into the future. Wasting money on rebranding Canadian military shows a lack of judgement. It's the economy that matters.
TORONTO (AP) — Canadians were thrilled when Prince William and Kate traveled across the country on their first official trip as a married couple. They barely noticed when their pro-monarchy Conservative prime minister appointed Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II's husband, an honorary admiral on his 90th birthday. 
But Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to restore the royal name to the Canadian armed forces and other recent moves to embrace the monarchy have raised hackles in this former British colony that has largely been indifferent to the fact that the queen remains the titular head of state.
Read more at the New York Times.


  1. The military "exists and protects us" only because the Conservative gov't invested billions after the Liberals gutted it.

  2. Actually, the reductions in funding started with Mulroney, a Conservative government, and the increases started with Martin, a Liberal government.


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