Friday, August 26, 2011

The Republicans on the Environment

I have decided to look at all the people who would like to become the President of the U.S and look at there platform. Issue by issue. Since I already talked about Rick Perry and the Environment. Let's check all the other candidates plan on the Environment today will be on Michelle Bachman. She stood in the house of representatives and said "that CO2 is a natural byproduct of nature" and therefor can't harm us. Yes CO2 is a natural substance, but what Bachman may have not been told that natural things can be toxic to ourselves. She says that CO2 is necessary for the planet to exist. Yes CO2 is necessary for the planet to exist that doesn't mean that too much of it isn't bad. Take this for example arsenic is natural yet having it can kill you! Just because something is natural doesn't mean that it can't harm you. Examples like animals or tobacco plants are natural, but a lion can kill you and so can smoking. The only thing is that the "does makes the poison" as Paracelsus would say. That means that everything can technically kill you. No matter how "natural" it may be. In fact eating too many apples or drinking too much water can kill you. Of course you have to have a lot, but it happens occasionally. So if you have enough CO2 on the planet even though CO2 is "Natural" and is important to the planet having to much of it has caused problems. Today we are currently seeing that humans are emitting an enormous amount of CO2 that is unprecedented .reducing are CO2 emissions is a good thing not to the point where there is no CO2 on the planet, but to sustainable level. The thing is that CO2 stay' in the atmosphere for 40 years that means that even if we emit zero today the effects of climate change have reached a bare minimum. People like Michelle Bachman who call CO2 "a harmless gas" make it easy to see there plan for the Environment and the future. Nothing! Next on my list Romney and Gingrich. See Bachman's entire speech on Global warming here


  1. Oxygen is both toxic and dangerous in high concentrations. Acetone and hydrochloric acid are both poisons that our own bodies produce. Radioactivity is natural too, we all get bombarded by cosmic rays continually throughout our lifetimes.

    It's not whether something is natural or not that determines what is harmful. It's about concentrations and exposure.

    Michelle Bachman is either ignorant, being disingenuous, or most likely both. But then so is everyone in the GOP - they're the political home of stupid.

  2. Tof KW
    your absolutely correct the leadership of Republican party is inhabited with ignorant people like Bachman the only thing is that some people actually believe them. Which means they could rule the country a scary thought I think.


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