Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ontario Libs With a Chance

In the Ontario election which is due this fall. Hudak looked like an easy winner, but i say don't rule out the Liberals in Ontario so fast. Even with the last election in May where Liberals faced a devastating defeat in the province getting third place. Recent polls show that the premier of Ontario looks like he may have a chance to win the province.

The recent poll shows the Liberal party is just 4.5% behind the Conservative, but on the issue of trust surprisingly the Liberals are ahead. Ontario trust Mcguinty more than they trust any other party leader in the province. On who would be the best premier Ontario still slightly prefer Mcguinty over Hudack, but this is within the margin of error. This still proves that the Liberals aren't out just yet on this race.

When asked about the Liberals thrust worthy on the issue's Liberals in Ontario lead in Health care by 6%, Economy 3%, Taxes 1%, Education 7%, Environment 5%, Electricity 2%. Now many of these leads are within the margin of error, but this proves again that the Liberals have a chance if they are currently being competitive on the issue's and thrust worthy. The polls show that the lead the Conservative have is within the margin of error, and Liberals in the province still have a chance.

see the polls here and here

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