Monday, August 29, 2011

The Republicans on the Enviorment Part 3

Now I am going to analyze the stance of the last three candidates in the GOP on the Environment. These candidates are Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania, Business person Herman Cain and from Utah John Huntsman.
                  Rick Santorum went on Rush Limbaugh show and called global warming "Junk Science", and he continues to say that global warming is fake. When i go on his website I don't see a plan at all for energy, but he clearly will have no interest in saving the environment or regulating companies to lower there emission, because he doesn't believe in the "junk science" that 97%-98% of climate scientist actively working in the field believe in man made science.

                  Herman Cain also doesn't believe in Climate change, but he has a Ron Paul Approach to energy. Let the market to everything. He wouldn't be for government intervention. He thinks that Americans should wait until oil becomes to expensive that companies will move to other resources of energy like wind, solar  and hydroelectric, but he has no plan to try a and push companies to move to those other resources. He wants to wait until companies extract all the resources and hurt the economy so much that they will be forced to change there energy policies. That takes way too much time the world needs renewable energy right now!

                  Then comes John Hutsman. He actually wrote on twitter "To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy." Finally a republican that believes in the science. Now I won't talk about evolution, but John Hutsman believes in global warming, but how much? Well he thinks that the Republicans are "the anti-science party", that Republicans "take a position that basically runs counter to what 98 of 100 climate scientists have said" and that the Republican party is "on the wrong side of science." Isn't that a breath of fresh air, he doesn't question the science and doesn't escape it by saying he doesn't know how much man is involved, but while Hutsman supports reducing pollution he has since 2011 taken back his policy of Cap and trade. Which is a good thing Cap and trade is bad, but he has no plan on the environment.

                 Now that I am done looking up all the 8 Republican candidates policy on the environment let's see the results. 4/8 Republican candidates are fully against the science of global warming,  another 3/8 question the science and 8/8 don't have a serious plan to tackle it. The Republican party is the party of no action on Global warming.

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