Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iowa Straw Poll

The results of the Iowa Straw poll are in, and Michele Bachman wins the Iowa straw poll  by just 150 votes. Ron Paul got a very strong second place showing with 4671. This isn't much of a surprise. Ron Paul and Michele Bachman were really pushing out the vote in the Iowa straw poll. Pawlenty who was the governor in neighboring state Minnesota got 3rd place even though he spent a lot of money and time in the state trying to make a big surprise in this straw poll. Santorum who is having some problems with money considering he can't fund raise a lot compared to the rest of the crowd got 4th place. The surprising thing is that Rick Perry who everyone knew was going to run a few days ago and even before that  got 718 votes. Way behind many of the people on the top of the straw poll, but he beat people like Romney and Gingrich without even being their. To be fair Romney and Gingrich really didn't do much to get votes in this straw poll. This straw poll doesn't always help predict the winner in 2007 it gave Romney the win in the Iowa straw poll, but he lost the state to Mike Huckabee. Right now Romney is still the front runner in my mind, but with Perry in the race some say Perry is the front runner in waiting. I don't know. I think right now Romney is still the front runner, and I think right now Michele Bachman and Rick Perry are tied for second place. Rick Perry is leading in nation wide votes against Bachman, but Bachman is leading in first state's like Iowa, but Rick who isn't in many regional polls is in second place in Nevada another early state, but these polls have all been taken before Rick Perry's official run so as soon as some new polls come out I think he is tied with Bachman.

A poll done on August 4th showed Bachman one point ahead of Romney with 22% in Iowa. Ron Paul at 3rd at 16% and Rick Perry is at 12%. Although to be fair Rick Perry didn't start campaigning yet. So right now Rick Perry I think is at most 3rd place, but yes I do think Rick Perry is defiantly something to fear.

Winners at the straw poll
Bachman showing she can rally her supporter's
Paul because he just slightly lost and clearly has proven again that his supporters are coming out for him
Rick Perry showing he can get a better showing then the front runner without campaigning and get votes without even being on the ballot

Pawlenty turned out to get a lower showing then expected in this even though he spent a lot of time and money in the state
Romney even though not trying to win he still put his name on the ballot and got trumped by minor candidates who he is beating in the polls like Santorum and Cain, but most importantly someone who wasn't even on the ballot.

Everyone else
did as expected.


  1. Rick Perry is the front-runner because all the shadowy folks in the GOP backroom will be supporting him. It doesn't really matter who the voters really support or what any of the facts are - it takes too much time and efforts for voters to keep up with all the facts. The important thing is who gets the best media spin.

    Look at how the media, *all* the media, treats Ron Paul. They hate him. They utterly, utterly hate him. The best he can hope for is a side comment saying 'Oh, and some Ron Paul person was there too' even (or especially) when he's in the top three in the relevant poll. Fox News can be covering an event basically live, and somehow manage to switch to footage from the same event last year with the crowd booing (while the Fox "reporters" are talking about Ron Paul).

    I'm not saying that Ron Paul is the best candidate for president. I'm just saying that when the media has instructions to 'make sure this candidate loses', might they not also have instructions to 'make sure this other candidate wins'?

  2. Anonymous
    good comment, but some media's are actually attacking Perry, but to be fair these are medias that are apparently "left wing media." I don't get Fox news so I wouldn't know, but in the so called "left wing" media Rick Perry isn't being given good spin not that he should considering they are just telling the truth about his record.


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