Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Republican and the Environment part 2

If any of you didn't look at my last post I am looking into the Republicans and there environment stance I already did Bachman now for Mitt Romney and Gingrich and Ron Paul.

                                Mitt Romney the front-runner of the Republican party has a very "Bush" and "Harper" position on Global warming. Mitt Romney said earlier in the year that he believes that the world is getting warmer. Horayyy! But he says "I don't know how much humans are contributing to that", but he still believes in reducing Co2 emissions. Then he talked about his solutions and he said use "Natural Gas." Yes Natural gas is better than Oil and I would rather have a Natural gas plant than an Oil plant, but both are non sustainable energy resources, and both still pollute the planet. Natural Gas can't be his entire solution to Global warming right? Well that all he has offered up so far. A few days ago in New Hamshire he said "What I'm not willing to do is spend trillions of dollars on something I don't know the answer to," Again the Republican party exaggeration of what needs to be done and understanding that we will all pay for global warming. This is Why Romney is a Bush and Harper guy. He kind of makes us think he believes in global warming, but offers no real solution for it, and isn't about to get serious at all about Climate change. (by the way Mitt Romney in 2007 said that he would support a global Cap and trade system)

                              Gingrich a few years back sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi asking the congress do to something about climate change now! Well today Gingrich has completely changed his opinion now he says he wants a national inquiry into climate change. Again questioning the science that has already been proven. Gingrich is going to be very slow on climate change because he refuses to look at the facts. I liked 2007 Gingrich much better than today. In 2007 Gingrich wanted action now and he even explained I think perfectly the situation. he sais that Conservatives don't move on the environment, because they think that to address the issue you are going to raise taxes and have more government, so the Republicans don't talk about Climate change.Then he goes off to say that Republicans need to have there way to reduce emission without having more government. In 2007 I would have welcomed that ,because in Gingrich said the U.S has to "Move towards most effective possible steps to reduce carbon loading." So as you can see Gingrich now doesn't want to do anything right now.He went from "The Evidence is Sufficient" to "National Inquiry"

                              Ron Paul Isn't to much different. Although usually Ron Paul is the person who stands out on a issue. This time he has a very similar stance to these guys He questions the science of global warming, but really says that it doesn't matter for the federal government, because he thinks that the free market will handle everything. For example Ron Paul solution to moving to renewable energy get the government out of that . He would eliminate subsidies to fossil fuels, but would also eliminate subsidies to renewable energy. (this would be a win as fossil fuels are subsidized way more than renewable energy) The Only problem is that this won't fix the whole problem. Believing that government should not be in the solution will cause a slow reaction from the world. We need the government to give companies the push to be Eco friendly. Just waiting for it will take too much time.

Now that I am done with these guys I am going to concentrate on the last three John Huntsman, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum.

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