Saturday, July 03, 2010

HST is Good

Many people do not like the HST. I am not one of them. Even though some people will pay more because of the HST , businesses will ultimately save money and in the end, the consumer also saves. It's also the idea of a more simple tax: instead of two, there is only one sales tax. I am glad that Ignatieff supports the HST. I hope that many more provinces adopt the HST so that we have one, national, harmonized goods and services tax.
OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff restated his support Friday for the decision by Ontario and B.C. to impose a harmonized sales tax, although he said a Liberal government would consider measures to "mitigate" the impact on the most vulnerable.
"We've always said that if we're in government, if there's anything we can do to mitigate or reduce the impact on the most vulnerable, we'd be happy to do it," Ignatieff told reporters. "But if a province comes to the government of Canada and says we need to do this to create jobs, it seems to me it's important for us as a party to support the efforts of the provincial governments."
Read more at the Vancouver Sun.
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  1. I support the HST but not for the reasons you state. For me, it's about taxing consumption, which is good. (I also support carbon taxes as a means for curbing fossil fuel consumption.) And I'm fine, as poor as I am, with paying the HST. In my province, low income households - and most middle income ones too - will benefit. First, there's the provincial HST credit, which is in addition to the federal GST credit and BC's carbon tax credit. Second, there's the fact of such households' lower consumption habits. We gain, not lose. And hopefully, people who do over-consume will start curbing their habits.

  2. I agree. If income tax system is (mostly) national, so should the sales tax. Keeping things simple has value. However, there are transition costs/disruptions. The Quebec Liberal government, for example, have given up on the idea of joining the federal income tax system because it is now so different from the provincial one. People don't like change.

  3. "Even though some people will pay more because of the HST , businesses will ultimately save money and in the end, the consumer also saves."

    Wow, trickle-down economics on ProgBlogs. For-shame.

  4. Explain me that if you tax more on people companies will save money taxes go to the government.

  5. Ok, I'll bite. I own a business. How is Ontario's new HST tax going to save me money? Please tell me because, right now the mid size renovation industry in Ontario is in a world of hurt. I'm asking my clients to now pony up another 8% on thier bill and right now most are just not bothering going forward with the project, partly because of resentment and partly because of tax fatigue. So, I'd sure like to know how this is going to save me money, or, my buddy who runs a plumbing company? Please, enlighten me. billg


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