Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stop it before they suffer.

These two ads show that there is another side to climate change. It is happening now, but it will have even more worse effects on the next generation. Look at the top of this blog. It states "we do not inherit the planet from our ancestors we borrow it from our children". These ads show that the next generation will hurt more than us. So I guess the question I am asking is do we care about the future generation?

Train ad

you might of thought that ad was too extreme, but it brings a valid point even if you think the problems will be in years away someone will get this problem. I would also like to be clear we are today seeing global warming taking into effect.

My partner on the blog states that poorer countries get effected by this more than us, but I would like to state it will not matter where you live everyone is feeling global warming. The question really is how long are we going to wait before we start realizing it . In 2040 California will face a water shortage that will make 85% of people unable to get water so save are planet now and not have to regret it later.

tick tock ad here

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