Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Climate is changing.

Again new proof comes out that last month was the hotest June on record. This also makes the 304 consecutive month that global tempurature is above the 20th century average. People should not be saying that the world is not changing. The climate is clearly changing. We need to try to stop this trend, so that there is the planet we know to still be there. We need to start doing stuff now. Acting is over due, and has not been talked about enough. To the people who think that the planet is not changing. Please explain to me these trends showing the climate is changing. Explain to me how all the facts lead to the proof that the climate is changing , and we are the one's who have to fix it.

Last month was the hottest June ever recorded worldwide and the fourth consecutive month that the combined global land and sea temperature records have been broken, according to the US government's climate data centre.

The trend to a warmer world is now incontrovertible. According to NOAA, June was the 304th consecutive month with a combined global land and surface temperature above the 20th-century average.
"These are clear signs of a rapidly warming world and exactly what the climate models have predicted. Thankfully, there is a way out of it if we can get greenhouse gas emissions under control," said Ben Stewart of Greenpeace.
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  1. They have only been keeping records for just over a century. The world is 4.5 billion years old.

    Climate always changes, always has. One day when the world starts to cool (and it will) the people who believe this change must be stopped will advocate pumping GHG's to prevent it from cooling. After all, only humans should determine what the perfect mean temperature on Earth should be.

  2. 1) Mother nature gives us whether records that go back centuries, moron.
    2) The climate has changed before and will nearly always be changing.
    3) Without a cataclysmic event, the weather has never changed so rapidly as it has been.
    4) MAN is contributing to global warming.
    5) If you don't agree with the above then you are part of the fringe majority that the overwhelming majority of scientists completely disagree with.

  3. Anonymous reveals his/her profound,pig-headed, self-serving stupidity. Mankind has been keeping modern-standard records for a couple of centuries. Less standardized records date back millennia yet they're still quite useful particularly when combined with the greatest records of all - the natural records well kept and discernable back several hundreds of thousands of years.

    People like Anon ought to come out, identify themselves and wear their stupidity proudly on their sleeves.

    I come from coastal BC, offshore in fact. We don't need the mountain of corroborative research that's building every day to understand the fact and meaning of anthropogenic global warming. We live with it, know there's plenty more coming and are trying to figure out adaptation and remediation measures even as hucksters like Harper and Ignatieff do absolutely nothing to help.l

  4. There was a very rapid cooling in the 1600's. It was far more dramatic than the changes we are experiencing now. European populations dropped.

    The Earth was warmer than it is now during the Roman Empire era.

    Just 30 yrs ago the threat was global cooling.It was wrong.

    Moron .. indeed.

    The Earths temp. ranges between 12-22C. This is of course over a very long time. Right now it is near the bottom at 12C

  5. Big liberal talkers on this site! Why don't you try this type of talk in China or India where it would matter instead of hiding behind your websites here in cozy Canada.

    Gutless wonders, all of you!


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