Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just build the mosque.

In an earlier post I stated how a tea party leader went against the mosque being build next to the ground zero in New york calling it a place for Muslims to pray to there "monkey God". I think it is crazy not allowing a mosque near ground zero. It is so intolerant of us. I am sure if it was a church or a synagogue it would be aloud , and there would be no anger, and protest. In a committee meting people voiced there opinion for and against the proposal of a mosque. I say just build the mosque. The people who oppose it hate the idea, because they are afraid of radical Islam doing terrorist activities. I think that is plan racist! That is absolutely not a justified reason to stop the building of the mosque. I hope that they can build the mosque so people can see that they are just being paranoid.

watch committee meting here


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  2. Anon @ 7:20am : AMEN to that.
    Hey Happy Wanderer, the jerk store called and....

  3. Build it indeed. Americans are paranoid and lost desperately hanging on and looking for something to hate, to get focused on. They are not allowed to get along, there simply has to be bad guys...


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