Saturday, July 17, 2010

Keep the long term census.

The Conservative Government has said that they are going to scrap the long term census. What happens is that every five years 20 percent of Canadians will get a census they have by law to fill out. The problem many economist are arguing against this is that it will lose valuable information making this census not mandatory. In the U.S every American gets a census, and by law need to fill it out. I think we should keep the long term Census. I feel it is important to know the trends If we want to keep the same funding for programs , and that everyone is getting there fair share in federal funding. So if we scrap it some we will first not have solid information on how many people live where, and that can cause inaccurate funding in all these places for health care and sectors of government funding.

The 2006 census required about 20 per cent of Canadians to complete the long form which provides detailed household information used to decide everything from bus routes to new subdivisions to what support services are in local schools

"The long form gathers information that we feel is really necessary for a number of reasons. One, it helps to identify issues that people are living with," she said.
"And the other is that ... it provides a statistical record for us which is important to be able to have that information when we're applying for other funding and to run programs and to do some research."
Smith-MacDonald said she is worried that the poor and disadvantaged will statistically disappear if information on income is no longer rigorously collected in the census.



  1. "Smith-MacDonald said she is worried that the poor and disadvantaged will statistically disappear if information on income is no longer rigorously collected in the census."

    That is EXACTLY what they want.

    I've been reading a lot of comments on this issue. What I see emerging is a real tea-bagger mentality on the part of those that support scrapping this thing on the basis of "Get Big Government out of my face" or "Why should I help the Socialists steal money out of my pocket?"

    This is not merely bumbling stupidy on the part of Clement. It's more like a deliberate move by Harper to consolidate his base and to sow divisions among the Canadian Public. What better way to crank up the volume of the NUTashpere that supports him. No one was talking about the census before he threw this out for them to rant about.

    Harper doesn't do anything without considering how it will benefit him politically. He's been coming off as an out-of-control madman lately.

  2. I don't think they are going to scrap the long cencus form. They are going to change the fact that if you get one and don't fill it out you get a fine or go to jail.

    So the info. given is often false because people have been hounded and thretened for it. Example- 51,000 people listed Jedi as their religion.

    So, now they are going to send the form to 1 in 3 households instead of 1 in 5 and launch an ad campaign encouraging people to fill it out for other than fear of jail reasons.
    Sounds fiarer to me actually.

  3. Chill out. If you support it then fill it out.

    There is some shit on the long form about the skin colour of minors living in the household.WTF does that have to do with bus routes?

    All that is hapenning is that it is no longer mandatory. A requirement that is unenforceable anyways.

    You lost this one.


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