Friday, July 09, 2010

Conservatives threaten election in the fall

Because of a bill that may not pass in the senate Conservative say they are willing to have an election over it in the fall. Now with current polls having the Conservatives 10 points ahead. So first if an election came now the conservatives would win, but remeber the election will only be as soon as the fall, so this can give the contruy time to recover even more and a summer dor everyone to forget about what Harper did during the year. So there lead could grow. Now I think that Harper will try again this fall to get his majority, but we should not forget who Harper really is the guy who porogued parliment twice, doesn't care about the enviroment and spend 2 million dollars on a fake lake.

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  1. And he has a 10 point lead in the polls. How big will that lead be when the summer is over and G20 and something that happened in parliament almost a year ago is a faded memory?
    And, it was a 57,000 reflecting pool, but, hey, when your down ten its time for hail mary's.

  2. Um Anonymous, the lead has more to do with falling liberal fortunes than any Conservative gains. The Liberals are dropping but noone seems to be picking it up.

    The days of the Conservatives having a 20-30% lead are mythic and reside only within your head.


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