Friday, July 16, 2010

País Argentina!

Which is Spanish for "Go Argentina". This is because that Argentina although has not won the world cup has won the title as the first south American country to legalize gay marriage. This is great. All people have a right to marry. To have children, and to be treated like anyone else, and should not be discriminated like they are all over the world. the lower house has passed it , and in a senate vote of 33-27 it passed. This law will go into effect in a couple days. Soon in Argentina all couples get the same benefits whether they be a hetero or homosexual couple. I hope that soon all countries will follow suit, because all couples have a right to marry.

After a marathon debate that touched on religion, ethics, the legacy of Argentina's dictatorship and the challenges of raising children, the 33-27 Senate vote was tallied shortly before dawn, with three abstentions.

"From today onward, Argentina is a more just and democratic country," said Maria Rachid, president of the Argentine Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender federation.

The law "not only recognizes the rights of our families, but also the possibility of having access to health care, to leave a pension, to leave our assets to the people with whom we have shared many years of life, including our children," she said.
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  1. It is in fact NOT Spanish for "Go Argentina." It may be Argentinian slang for said phrase, but it is not a Spanish phrase.

  2. Reid if you can get me the right translation I will change the title.


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