Monday, July 12, 2010

Oil sands are not clean!

Jean Charest a supporter of reducing edmissions has said he would be fine with future development in the oil sands. He said he was misqouted in Copenhagon when he said he was against future development. Priemeir Jean Charest who has attaked the Conservative Goverment on it's lack of enviromental actions. I think that the oil sands are a not clean source of oil. I say that if we can't use diffrent places for oil then there should be first enviromental protection imputed on all extraction sites. This means in any place in the oil sands they will have strict enviromental laws , and rules. More importantly there will be a Carbon Tax on the oil site. These taxes should go to reducing income tax, but also new money should go to renewable resources, so that the minumum comes out of the oil sands. I think we can't see the oil sands never being used, becuse of the mass need, but we should look at other cleaner not so polluting oil to be used, and use diffrent sources of energy the most we can to preserve oil. I would like to state I don't support the oil sands. The oil comapnies that exploit the oil should pay for the best secure enviromental protection, and all enviromental cost.


  1. Jean Charest is losing it in more ways than one these days.

    Even recently, I felt he was delusional. He came out saying he would seek out a 4th term as premier. He's off his rocker.

    He never wanted to lead QC liberals in the first place.

    His dream was always to lead then Progressive Conservatives (as you know, ol' sweater vest Steve made sure that was defunct in favour of reforma Tory) as Prime Minister.

    As far as scandal goes, he's not really involved in anything any premier of any party in Quebec wouldn't be involved in. Sorry, but Construction companies and organized crime (generally speaking, naturally) go hand in hand. It's just an excuse to accelerate the separatist movement.

    Nonetheless, Charest should leave the Quebec liberals over the summer in order to save them, before the PQ finds their perfect storm and gets rid of Pauline Marois, who is looney and less popular than her own party; they have at least 2 candidates who can serve that party much better. Furthermore, as sovereignists, their first true test would be is to find out whether or not they would support Alberta tar sands.

  2. As Ignatieff has said before, the stupidest thing this country can do is campaign against an industry that provides hundreds of thousands of jobs not just for Albertans but for people across Canada. Do they need to clean things up? Yes. Should we support this industry? Absolutely.

  3. Liberal Justice is right on this one.

    What Charest thinks or doesn't think of the Alberta oil sands is irrelevant.

    Charest audience is in Quebec.


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