Friday, July 02, 2010

U.K. Votes for Reform!

The U.K are going to have a referendum on changing the current voting system to another one. The current voting system they use is called "first past the post." They plan to change it to is instant runoff voting. On the ballot, instead of picking one choice, you list your first second, third, fourth choice and so on. Then if no one has the majority of votes, the candidate in the last place is eliminated. Then they take the eliminated candidates votes and give it to the second preference. This continues till one candidate gets 50% +1 of the vote. Now I know that there is no perfect democratic system so right now this is the best it may get, so I support changing the system in the U.K, and I hope it passes .
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Example of Instant Runoff Voting Ballot

Britain's government will hold a referendum next year on changing to a proportional voting system — a reform that could permanently affect how the U.K. is governed.
Prime Minister David Cameron's Downing Street office said Friday an announcement will be made next week.
Any change could make European-style coalitions commonplace in the U.K. Britain currently has its first coalition government since World War II.
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  1. Actually, the instant run-off in single member districts is not proportional. It is unlikely that coalitions will be formed under this voting system.

  2. What SD said. As usual, the Globe and Mail didn't do its homework and got it wrong - right in its own sub heading. The alternative vote or instant run-off is another majoritarian system; just like FPTP except it uses a preferential ballot. Ridings or districts remain the same and only one member is elected. No proportionality whatever.


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