Tuesday, July 06, 2010

No Transparency on Spending

The Harper government continues to lack transparency. This time, 869 million dollars failed to be reported. I would like to ask how it is remotely possible to pass over 869 million dollars. This isn't measly pocket money. One of the biggest contracts was for the Defence department. No wonder the Conservatives don't want us to know about increased military spending. With this government in power, the country will ultimately move in the wrong direction. Bit by bit, Stephen Harper is moving Canada towards the extreme right. We need to wake up to this political reality.
OTTAWA — The federal government failed to disclose $869-million in contracts to preferred suppliers, raising questions about the reliability of the government’s main contracting report used by politicians, business and Canada’s trading partners.
“How do you miss reporting $869 million worth of contracts?” asked Shahid Minto, the government’s procurement ombudsman.
Read more at the National Post.

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