Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Cap and Trade!

Good news and bad news from Washington DC. Good news is that there will be no cap and trade initiavtive in the U.S, because the energy bill will be changed. The bad news is that the reason it was changed is because there are not nough votes for the bill to pass. I think this is in total good news considering the U.S will not have a fony cap and trade system that just let's polluters keep polluting. I think the U.S could do so much better with a carbon tax. Obama has even talked about putting a price on pollution, but I doubt that if they can't pass a cap and trade legeslation then how will the pass a carbon tax legislation.

"Many of us want to do a thorough, comprehensive bill that creates jobs, breaks our addiction to foreign oil and curbs pollution," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters Thursday.
Harry Reid should realize that a carbon tax system does all of that and more. First a carbon tax will curve pollution as it puts a price on it. It will also reduce oil cosuption as diffrent sorces of energy that are renewable are cheper. With the extra money from the carbon tax the money can go to lowering income tax that will employ more people.

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