Thursday, July 29, 2010

Judge stops parts of Arizona law.

A federal Judge said "No" to parts of the Arizona Immigration bill. Now the parts of the bill that has been put away is that Police officers don't have to check the legal status of someone while they are enforcing other laws. I think that if there is a legitimate reason to suspect that they are illegal Immigrant then they can check. I think racial discrimination isn't a legitimate reason. They also got rid of the law that requires all immigrants to carry there legal status with them for now. I hate that part of the bill, and I am glad that they are putting this aside. I feel that why do just Immigrants need to carry there legal status with them, because if a police officer has a legitimate reason to check someone why would it only be Immigrant's they check since they are the only one's carrying it. I say if Illegal Immigration is that bad then make sure that everybody holds there legal status, and not just one group. I am pretty glad about this verdict, and hope that this can still be in the news enough to pressure the U.S branches of government to create a solution against Illegal immigration.

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